Jiffy Lube Durham North Carolina


Complaint: Jiffy Lube in Durham, located off of Hwy 85, has refused to pay for repairs that resulted from a routine oil change!! Not only was my oil almost 2 quarts low…they checked off that my power steering fluid level was okay–I broke down less than 10 minutes away after leaving their shop. They spilled oil all over my engine, which was clean, forgot to give me my Oil Change reminder sticker which I requested, and the MAnger came to my office to see where I had to fill up power steering fluid myself after I had broken down on the side of the highway. Smoke was coming from the hood of my car and I thought it was the oil burning off that they spilled–WRONG…the temp gauge was on H!!I pull over, let car cool down and heard a “wining noise”” the whole time after I left–never knew this was the power steering fluid low? We find out later

Tags: Auto Inspection

Address: that the smoke was the motor of the hydraulic pump burning up. The Manager

Website: has said that even if there was a leak

Phone: Corey Schultz

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