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Complaint: On December 24, 2005, I was on vacation in Merced and went in for a transmission flush in the Merced branch, Jiffy Lube. After leaving Jiffy Lube and driving about ten miles, I notice white smoke all around my vehicle. When I got off to inspect the vehicle I notice the hoses that had been removed for the flush had razor cuts. I called the branch manager and told him what happen and he said to bring it back. When I arrive the manager was gone but the acting supervisor filled the transmission back up and said everything was good. When arriving home (Escondido) from vacation I notice a strange noise and the van driving improperly. I took it to (competitor’s name deleted – see below), and had to do some major repairs. I told the manager (John)what happen (phone number deleted – see below) and he clearly said the damage was cause because of running on low transmission oil. When I called the manager from Merced to get a compensation for the repairs I had to pay ($2615), beacuse of their fault, he said he couldn’t do anything but had to submitted to his boss. So he had me fax the (competitor’s name deleted) invoice. After not reciving any word on the status I called and he said regional was taking a look. I also went to their website to complain, jiffylube.com, and still did’t hear a word. I called (800) 831-1757 on the invoice for customer service and taklked to Stacey Clark. She said her boss was looking into my case. Later I recived a letter from “Jiffy Lube”” stating they felt they did nothing wrong. I called Stacey back and she had me write to them what had happen. I did so

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Address: and got a letter from (competitor’s name deleted) stating “”Jiffy Lube”” was at fault. But then I recieved a second letter from Jiffy Lube still saying they would not pay. The funny part is their first letter contradict the second letter. Ramon escondido

Website: deleted either a phone number

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