Jill Hendricks – Yakima, Washington Washington


If you heard Jill Hendricks, of Chelan, Washington is “Mom of the year” think again. Jill, who changed her name from high school from “Lisa Schlosser” is married to Keith Hendricks and she is the queen of deception, a convicted felon, and a slut in disguise who gets her rocks off stealing other woman’s husbands in plain view of her own husband and children. This picture was taken posing with her husband and three boys while she was sleeping with my husband and getting pregnant with his child! She is evil with a sense of entitlement to almost anything and everyone. She chased my dearly beloved husband and seduced him after she learned he was in the hospital with cancer. She regularly would drive 3 hrs. to our hometown to meet up with him and prey on his weakness while at the same time lying to her kids and husband at home, telling them she had gone to see her mom. She didn’t care about her mom, it was my husband she wanted. Jill was married to him for a few months after highschool until he dumped her ass and wanted nothing more to do with her because she was lazy and a psycho Mormon with issues. My husband and I had a wonderful marriage, he was a Mr. Mom for a time, honorably raising my children from my prior marriage and we also had a beautiful son together. || Shortly before my husband turned 40, he came down with cancer and was hospitalized. Jill heard he was sick and used his illness as an excuse to see him. My husband was weak and vulnerable due to his health and she seduced him. She laid in wait for just the right time and would meet up with him while I was gone or he would pretend to be at work. I found out about the affair one day when he was supposed to be at work and he accidentally answered the phone. I forgave my husband after he made an honest and sincere effort to end it and we took a trip together. Our marriage was recovering little by little until one day a few years later my life was turned upside down. My husband learned there was a little girl in Chelan that looked just like him. Jill’s went along with the lie that the little girl was his; even though he had a vasectomy and the little girl is slender with blue eyes and blond hair and both Jill and Keith are round and chubby with dark hair and eyes. At least someone in the Chelan County Courts didn’t buy her lies. It turns out that while Jill was whoring around, she was also getting pretty good at stealing others’ money and committing other crimes. She was arrested while pregnant with the baby and ordered not be around “firearms” and then violated those conditions. Check out her criminal record! Yes, she is a convicted felon too with a criminal background and a dozen court cases. When my husband learned Jill had his baby, she started blackmailing him using the poor little girl as bait! She regularly baited him in order to resume their affair. My husband and I went to a lawyer to find out about how he could get visitation without going through Jill. It turns out Jill and Keith waited two years, which is the statute in Washington, to tell him so he couldn’t claim paternity so she could demand child support! The stress of seeing a child by my husband caused even more pain for me and I couldn’t handle it and moved out. Our fights were horrendous especially when my husband started lying again in order to meet up with her so he could see his daughter.Jill Hendricks is a master deceiver, manipulator and psychopath. She destroyed my life and all the other lives of those in her path. She has no concern about how many people she hurts. Jill played both my husband and hers, as she would go back and forth between the two, in front of her four children and this poor innnocent little girl. Do not believe her. Avoid her. Run and ladies, guard your husbands!

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