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Owner, John, left his own review of himself, which is all lies. I am a true customer that had the worst treatment of customer service ever in my life. He ruined my wedding ring. Ruined it! First John set my diamond slanted and he and his wife both played dumb like they didn’t see it. And he snatched it out of my hand without saying a word to me and took it to the back of the store to “fix”. He made it ten times worse!!! John cut the top of one of my prongs off so it’s a completely different size then the rest and is completely loose in the setting. | John once again said he didn’t see what I was talking about, threw my ring at me, threw his hands up and walked away saying “Good luck. I don’t have time for this s**t.” I’m so embarrassed I even walked into this place.Vulgar and abusive customer service. And I am so completely broken hearted my ring repair needs repairing. Shameful service. Never ever ever again will I return and all those whom are looking for a good jeweler, go elsewhere. Because JJ Brand is a disgrace to their craft.

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