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For my birthday my husband purchased a Van Cleef necklace from look alike necklace form this JJ Design at 1307 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica for around $500. After a couple of months when I put it on FOR THE FIRST TIME, the whole thing fell apart and I mean the whole entire thing. I took it back to the store to ask them to fix it. The store is owned by an unpleasant husband and wife. The husband took the necklace and said that he could fix it but would have to charge me $45. I asked the husband why I had to pay when their necklace was faulty to begin with. He started screaming at me with his foreign voice (I think he is Israeli) and saying that outwore the necklace and ruined it myself. I told him I had never worn it and he said “”you are telling me bullshit””. I agreed to pay the $45 seeing this guy was not going to do the right thing and fix it. I got a receipt from him that he had my necklace and would charge me $45 to fix it. When I went to pick up the necklace the wife asked me for $150 for the repair. When I told her that her husband had quoted $45, she said it he was wrong and she and the husband started arguing in front of me in the store and almost beat each other up. The husband spit on his wife and walked out of the store and lit up a cigarette and started smoking. I gave the lady a credit card to pay for the $150 and she said she needed cash because she “”was not going to report the money since she was already taking a loss on the repair”” I didn’t have cash so she said I needed to pay her $300 since she had to pay $150 for the tax. I told her I was not going to do that. I told her to give my necklace back or I would take her to small claims court. She said now that you made that threat I am not giving your necklace. Now I need to waste a whole day in small claims court. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE. THEY HAVE THE WORST QUALITY FAKE JEWELS AND THEY DON’T STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT.

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