Joan Hawkins Sulligent Alabama Review


I booked a 2-night stay at the Courtyard Marriott in Germantown, TN, June 10-12. I booked this and paid through my CU Rewards (Orbit 3rd Party) and when i arrived at the Courtyard Marriott in Germantown, TN, Ivy (staff) informed me that they did not honor my reward program. Since she was inexperience in the 3rd party booking she would not issue me a room or key for my reservation, which i showed her my e-mail confirmation with reservation and order number. She informed me that my room would be 179.00 per night, which i had already paid for with proof that she was looking at. But she still refuse to issue me a room or keys for my stay. Without causing any distress to my party with me i had to make other accomodation with another Hotel in the area, which i had to pay for out of my trip funds. I tried to call my booking company but could not speak to a human since there was no one available after 8:00 pm. I did mange to call the next day and spoke to Jennifer and Alisha with my booking service, which called and spoke to Ivy at Courtyard Marriott in Germantown, TN. Ivy, told both of them that i was checked in at the Marriott. Not sure how that happen since she would not issue me a room or key to a room access. I drove back to the Courtyard Marriott and confronted Ivy asking her how i was check in when she would not give me a room or key to a room. Don’t know who Ivy had in the room she said that i was check in, but that is fraudlent activity. All i want is my money refunded or points use to reserve this room with Courtyard Marriott. Not asking for any damages or time spent trying to make her understand that my room was paid for and she could not charge me again, so i choose to leave without causing a distuptive sceen. Very upset that the staff is so unexperienced that they cause someone with 2 children to seek accomodation elswhere. The $428.00 that was paid for the room in advance with Courtyard Marriott, Germantown, TN, with my CU Rewards 3rd party booking service, and since Ivy told them i was checked in there is an issue of me getting a refund. She lied! I was not check in physicaly because she would not issue me a room or key. She wanted my credit card or payment from me for the room that was already paid for. This was discrimation and fraud against me and my family. All I want is to be reimbursted or will prusue other avenues of collecting what owed to me.

**** **** ***** **** Germantown, Tennessee USA



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