Joe’s AV Lindenhurst Illinois Review


STAY AWAY!!!!! BAIT AND SWITCH AND UPSELLING SCAM OF A BUSINESS!!! I placed an order and everything went through and showed that it was confirmed. Days later, I received an odd e mail telling me to call JoesAV free to confirm order. So, I called them and I got an ignorant employee telling me the tv was out of stock but he can sell me another tv. Complete complete bs. I then told him I’ll wait for my tv to come into stock and he said that he can’t promise anything and then began to try and sell me another lower end model. When I stood my grounds the man got very rude and basically told me have a nice day and hung up. I called back and was on hold for 23 minutes asking for a manager for a guy to come back on the phone telling me to call back in 20 minutes…. 3 e mails and 5 phone calls later and no replies. Funny thing is, as of right now, the tv still shows available to purchase from their website. I gave all of my credit card information and my order showed confirmed and the company just played games.

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