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John Colby SCAM ARTIST!!!called saying a complaint was filed against this number and it would be in my best interest to return the phone call to resolve this matter. Violates the FDCPA on every call has no regard for the federal collection laws and works by intimidation. Has an assistant Ashley who is worse then him. They have even called my elderly mother-in-law telling her that a restraining order was put out on my husband and criminal charges are pending for frauding a bank. I highly doubt if it was a criminal case that a bank would hire debt collectors to do harassment calls but would turn all information to the DA of the area where supposed crime took place and you live. Mother-in-law freaked out and husband spent 3 hrs trying to settle her down. These people are the bottom below scumbags and should be taken out of business but they seem to change numbers faster than the wind, have had landlines and wireless caller. They are completely SCAM ARTISTS, and illegal ones at that, if they send you an e-mail you can forward that to the Federal Trade Commision at (email address removed by admin) Unless you actually receive a document from your local courthouse, or served a legal document showing all the information required to legally file a complaint against you DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT let these people get the best of you, their tactics are illegal, they can not threaten you with an arrest, seizing any of your property, asking you to let you Suprevisor know about your legal activities, they are bullies because they hope that you will crumble and fall apart and give into their demands – tell them to send you a legal document via the USPS with alll the information they are claiming against you – I will bet you $$$$$ you will never get anything, honestly they are on a fishing expedition hoping you will give them what they want – “DONT” give them any information. I implore you to stop them in their tracks – do not answer their call, and if at all possible block them! They are vultures circling for their next prey!

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