John Krambeer


A Forgetful and Careless Financial Advisor

John Krambeer is an unreliable and an unprofessional financial advisor. I don’t recommend his services to anyone. When I hired him I expected him to be at least punctual and sophisticated however he lacks both of these qualities. 

John is the founder of Camden Capital. He started that company in 2004 and before that, he used to work at Merrill Lynch. The guy has extensive experience in investment management, and I think because of that, he has become narcissistic. There is no way someone would hire him after seeing his true behaviour. John needs to learn a little about decency and memory. 

The guy is so forgetful that he wouldnít even remember what the meeting is about. Itís absurd.
I have never seen such a careless investment manager in my whole life except him. 

For our first meeting he was XX minutes late. I did not mind it that much but I should have known then that it’s his habit to be late to meetings. Even when he arrived late he didn’t apologize for it, which felt a little disrespectful. 

There were several people in that meeting. We all noticed how John was behaving during that entire ordeal. While most of us were discussing my family’s assets and investments, John was busy doing something on his phone. Again, I should have known that it’s his unprofessional behaviour not something temporary. 

He didn’t participate in most of our conversations at that meeting. I realised what a mistake I had made by hiring him at our second meeting.

In our next meeting, he did the same thing he had done in the first one. He was busy doing something on the phone and wasnít listening to me when I talked. When I pointed out that he should be more attentive, he didnít listen even then! 

I had requested him to look at some investments and let me know what he thought of them a day later. He was so aloof in that meeting that he forgot completely about this conversation. When I asked him about it, he didnít remember any detail about that meeting. I canít explain how mad I felt because of his disrespectful behaviour. To be honest, I had hired his company because I thought he would turn out to be a professional, but so far, he had only disappointed me.

I had hired John so his company would handle my familyís investments and I wouldnít have to worry about them. But even though some people in his company showed promise, John never really did anything. I had to constantly ask them about any developments myself and John never really knew what was going on. Whenever I would ask him about my familyís assets and investments, he would dodge the question and give me a vague answer.

Why I’m Writing This John Krambeer and Camden Capital Review

As Iíve mentioned multiple times here, John seemed like the worst professional but things got worse when I had requested him to get me a real estate property. He was supposed to find me a suitable property to invest in and it was a time-sensitive issue. But I didnít hear from him for days. 

When days went by and I didnít get a word from him, I contacted him only to find out that he had FORGOTTEN about it COMPLETELY! He didnít even realise his mistake. He kept making excuses and gave me vague responses like he always did.

I can only tolerate incompetence for so long.

Regarding John Krambeer, I donít think I would ever work with that jackass. He has no sense of professionalism and has a terrible work ethic. It would be better if he just calls it quits and changes his profession because right now, he is nothing more than a piece of trash. 

The entire experience of working with him was too painful. I had no idea it would be so terrible to work with him. His unprofessional work ethic is intolerable and I don’t recommend his services to anyone. †

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