John Martins And William Smith Dover Pennsylvania Review


My son was scammed for $588.00 through this is part of the add: SUMMER SALES!!!!!!!!Outstanding White German Shepherd Companions. Bred & raised in honor of mynsweet, loving,and intelligent angel, WALTER.nOur White German Shepherds are gentle, lovingnprotectors. AKC working German Shepherds withnexceptional temperaments. Handled with loving carenas pups so they will be the kind of GermannShepherds you will be proud to have by your side.nPups are temperament-tested to match personalitiesnto owners. nThe man who contacted us called himself John Martins and his shipper named himself William Smith. They said in the beginning that they will take a money gram. My son asked them how long it would take to receive the puppy once they received the money and Mr. Martins told him 8 hours. nMy son asked Mr Martins for a phone number that he could call him on but Mr Martins was having problems with his phone. So my son gave him our phone number address and everything so Mr. Martins could ship the puppy once he got the money gram. Then Mr Martins told my son if he wants his puppy within 8 hours he can send his money Western Union so he did. nThe next time we heard from Mr. Martins was the day after my son put the money in Western Union he called the house and told my son his shipper William Smith was at the airport with the puppy and can not ship him because he has no money and he wanted my son to change the name for the money to Mr Smith so he could ship the dog right away. nThey took the money and never shipped the puppy. I reported to puppyfind that this guy is a scammer hoping to hear back from them. Puppyfind has not answered my report. I called and I got a recording to leave my name and phone number and my call would be returned, I’m still waiting for puppyfind to get back to me and I know one thing for sure I will probably never hear from them. nI will not rest until this scammer is behind bars, I don’t care if it takes everything I’ve got to get him where he belongs. Someone out there somewhere can stop this guy and his ring of scammers. If all people who have been scammed could get together and unite maybe something could be done to these type of people. nPatricianDover, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

2523 6th Ave S. Bessemer, Alabama U.S.A.


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