Johnny Crow-Belle Review


On September 5,2014 I received a pop-up message stating I had won (or been chosen for) the opportunity to own a piece of jewelry for only the shipping cost of $5.99. I received the necklace and saw the $5.99 charge on my statement of August/September. I assumed this was the end of the matter. Then on my September/October statement there is a charge of $95.00 from JCB Jewelry. I never received any information regarding “membership” or continuing jewelry being sent. Today when I called the company I was told that I joined a membership, no refund is available — the time limit is over — and I will be receiving another piece of jewelry, charged $49.00 and I am not allowed to cancel that, no refund is available for this item either. This is such a scam…Ov course I cancelled my “membership” as of today but feel cheated, deceived, and the confirmation number I wrote down on the day I “won” the jewelry is: 8773097546JCB. The number on my credit card statement is: 8779074756JCBJEWELRY. Similar, but not identical. I don’t know if that means anything but I did notice the discrepancy.

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