Johnson Mortuary Transport LLC Review


I first came to Johnson Mortuary because of the low quality in the treatment of employees in the funeral Industry. Marvin Johnson from the begining seemed as if he was one of the diamonds in the rough. Then he lit up a cigarette and began boasting of how he loves picking up the deceased. He bragged about his kids becoming professional athletes, and how he didn’t have to work any more, but decided to open up his own home based business. He spoke very negatively of American Limo, but they do have a pretty horrible reputation as with Storer Mortuary and Schoedinger. | Life is life and so you have to learn to roll with the punches, but for me (anonymous) it bothers me the lack of affection and consideration in the mortuarty transport business. They act as if the deceased are trash in a way. Marvin Johnson was not like that, he shuts the van doors very slow, drives off very slow, connects with the family members, gives them blessings and is absolutely one of the best in this aspect. | On the flipside however, working for Marvin Johnson is a different story. He agrees to pay a $10 a day per diem for being on call and $25 a transfer. However he expects you to drive your personal vehicle all over the city to meet up with him and more often then not he’s not there when you arrive and guess what you don’t get paid for it. | Not only that, but you have to call and remind him to cut you a check, he refuses to mail it, and he refuses to direct deposit in your account, yes you have to drive to Columbus, Ohio to Marvins house and hope his wife Angie Johnson cuts you a check for the correct amount. As of right now it’s been 3 weeks without a check. | With most Mortuary Tranport Companies they give you the company vehicle to do the transports, that happened once since I was working with Marvin. One of his vans was in the shop getting worked on. Marvin is the exact opposite when it comes to how he treats his employees. Even accompanying him to Smoot Funeral Home I heard him make sexual references to the female employees, as well as at Marlin Gary, he said he’s married, but hes allowed to look and flirt because he is a man. He can not stand American Limo and is in constant competition with them. He is a very prideful man and comes off arrogant. | I really tried to not judge him, but I work to pay bills and when you do not pay your employees on time or at all then it leaves a bad impression. I am disgusted with Marvin Johnson and how he treats his employees. Schoedinger pays $10 a day and $45 a pick up, American Limo pays $50 a day and $25 a pick up, so you can see how unfair he is in that aspect, plus you don’t get a van, you have to drive and meet him and hopefully you can get there in 5 minutes or he will leave and not pay you. Really unfair considering he is probably already there at the funeral home when he calls for back up or on the way there. Schoedinger gives their drivers 1 hour to arrive at the destination, the same with American Limo. | THIS POST IS JUST A WARNING TO ANYONE THINKING OF BEING EMPLOYED WITH MARVIN AND ANGIE JOHNSON OF JOHNSON MORTUARY TRANSPORT LLC.. | YOU WILL BE CONSTANTLY CALLING THIS GUY FOR YOUR CHECK, YOU WILL CONSTANTLY BE CALLING HIM TO SEE IF YOUR STILL EMPLOYED, BECAUSE THIS GUY RARELY CALLS, WHEN HE DOES ITS WHEN YOUR NOT ON THE CLOCK. | HE EXPECTS PEOPLE TO JUMP FOR HIM, BUT IF YOU DON’T JUMP TO HIS LIKING YOU DON’T GET PAID. AS IT STANDS RIGHT NOW, TO MY CALCULATIONS I AM OWED $145.00. | ONE DAY HE CALLS ME TO MEET HIM AT A FUNERAL HOME, I GET THERE AND ANOTHER EMPLOYEE IS THERE AS WELL, WE ARE WAITING AND WAITING ON MARVIN THEN WE SEE HIM DRIVE BY, WE CALLED HIM AND HE SAID IM ALREADY DONE. WE SAID WHAT? WE ARE HERE WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US YOU WERE HERE, HE SAID HE WENT INTO THE GARAGE AND THAT WE SHOULD’VE BEEN BY THE GARAGE? WE NEVER BEEN TO THIS FUNERAL HOME WE ARRIVED AT THE CORRECT ADDRESS, BUT THERE IS NO WHERE TO PARK BY THE GARAGE BECAUSE ITS ON A MAIN STREET THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN PARK THERE IS WHOEVER HAS THE KEYS TO THE GARAGE, THAT PERSON AND ONLY PERSON IS MARVIN, THIS IS THE TYPE OF GUY HE IS, AND HE NEVER PAID US FOR SHOWING UP, NEVER GAVE US GAS MONEY, DIDN’T CARE ABOUT WASTING OUR TIME, HES INCONSIDERATE, DISRESPECTFUL AND EXTREMELY SELFSISH ON TOP OF BEING PRIDEFUL AND ARROGANT. | FOR ALL WHO DEAL WITH THIS GUY, GOOD LUCK, BUT NO ONE SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE THIS, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE DOESN’T EVEN PAY YOU WHEN ITS ALL SAID AND DONE.

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