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Jon Cheek contacted my business as owner of Evergreen security to sell and install security cameras at my business. He sold me cheap equpment – woth a couple of hundred dollars for several thousand dollars!! He or his “friend” did an aweful job of setting this “system” up and it was defective – broken – worthless within the first week. Jon Cheek guaranteed 24-7 tech support for life – and stopped answering his phone the second money was exchanged. After months of trying to track him down he told me he had closed his security business and was now in the spray tan business. He promised to mail me a partial refund … but that never happened. This guy is a crook and I believe every word of the complaint written about him and his spray tan business. I literally paid him $2000 for what amounted to maybe $100-$200 worth of generic security cameras and a defective monitor. When I first met Jon Cheek I asked him if he had any clients I may know or recognize. He claimed that 6th St. Bar & Grill in downtown Eugene was a long time client. I doubt that is true at all. This guy needs to be held accountable for his theivery and deceptive tactics. I think he picked up the junk sysyem he sold me from a second hand shop or a Wal-Mart type store even though he claimed to get it all direct from his “nationwide company/supplier” His installation guy was an aquaintance of his from Cottage Grove who told me that he didn’t work for Jon Cheek – that he just helped him out a little in his spair time. He also mentioned that he didnt think very highly of Jon Cheek as a businessman or on a personal bais. I have his cell somewhere & will gladly share it if I find it, his home is 541-xxx-xxxx . Lets get this crook to pay back some money and do some jail time! .

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