Jordan Watts Georgia Georgia


I’m in the Marine Corps Reserves and, at the time, had been with a woman by the name of Vanessa Lynn Barrs (Thomasville, GA) just a couple of weeks shy of four years. We had been engaged since May 18, 2011 and were going to get married July 5, 2014. Well, while I was away for two weeks training she contacted Jordan Watts through Craigslist and eventually met up with him, staying the night, then sleeping with him the next morning….and just like”The Notebook”; she didn’t even bother to take off her engagement ring. || She told me what she had done the day after I came home and I wanted to work it out. She wanted time to”find herself” and after some debating we agreed to two weeks apart. Well, FIVE DAYS after that she meets a DIFFERENT guy Jeffry (removed) and moves him into our home without telling me, drops all my stuff off at a friends, and changes her number…all without a word. || She kept my PlayStation, my toaster, fridge, washer, dog, and tried to keep the TV I was still paying on. She also kept ALL of my movies and my laptop charger along with a laptop I helped her get. She even tried keeping my sisters car. || Karma kind of got her because before she got with Jeffry she tried to talk with Jordan, who had blocked her number, Facebook, and E-mail. So, she went to his apartment and he told her he wanted nothing but sex that one time and she needed to go away. It’s fucked up. He owns”Blue Line Productions” and is a bassist in some shitty band. || As far as Jeff…he’s a drug dealing piece of shit who is currently faking his way into her heart. After knowing each other FOUR MONTHS they’re engaged….all I wanted was fucking answers…. || Fuck you, Vanessa. I loved you enough to forgive you for cheating. All I wanted was to know why. || Fuck you, Jordan. You’re a pathetic piece of shit. I hope you rot. || Fuck you, Jeff. You’re a coward who waves guns like they scare me. You’re a bitch. I hope you die. || The photos are of Jordan since he was the intruder in the beginning. He KNEW she was engaged. He told her that she was too young to be engaged, that the ring wasn’t big enough, and that he could show her what true love felt like…

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