Jose Olivares California Review


Simply put, Jose Olivares failed to fully disclose all known problems with a property he was selling. He claimed that because the property was a trust, he wasn’t required to disclose everything… (which is incorrect.) He lied by omission, was dishonest in his representation, and then smug about it when confronted. nWhen confronted with this, his response was a smug “Good luck proving what I knew.”” nHe

and his office

are very dishonest people. Jose lied about the property

claimed he didn’t know anything about the extensive problems even though he and a previous buyer who failed to purchase the property had numerous lengthy discussions about the extent and severity of the issues surrounding this property. nSeveral signed affadavits from numerous people clearly show Jose and his seller knew all about the problems months prior to their trying to sell the property again.nHis broker

Sam Rafi

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