Joseph C. Jones, Jr.


Liar Cheater Man, Virginia

Joseph C. Jones,Jr. and Tammy M. Wickham met at the YMCA in Chester, VA in 2008. July 2008 he married for the third time and did not tell Tammy that he had married. In August 2008 he returned Tammy’s phone calls and resumed their sexual relationship. Tammy wanted to visit Joseph at his home. He told her had moved and had a roommate. Tammy did some research and found out Joseph had married. When Tammy confronted him with the information, he told her it was a business deal. April 2010 Tammy called the couples home and revealed their affair. It is so true that cheaters never prosper. He said she is poor white trash that has two kids out-of-wedlock. This man does not have a high school diploma but has a Doctor of Philosophy from the diploma mill La Salle University in Mandeville, LA. He rents and has filed bankruptcy four times. He drives a used Mercedes Benz. When he gets drunk from drinking beer, Merlot wine and Jack Daniels he brags about bringing women into his first wife’s house, and having five kids and never had to pay child support. He has to use Viagra and Cialis. Friends say he has had prostrate cancer. He was abused as a child and his father was killed by a woman for cheating, and he met his father when he was 13 in a coffin for the first time. He is a good example of a person that has been hurt in life or childhood and goes around hurting other people.375724_297992736901441_100000721506460_996213_574504157_n.jpg (114 KB)Joseph C. Jones, Jr.

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