Josh Roberts is a cheating Gainesville Firefighter


Florida, Liar Cheater Man

Josh Roberts aka Joshua ‘Yabu’ Roberts . He is a balding firefighter with Gainesville Fire Rescue who thinks he is God’s gift to women. He strung me along for 4.5 years and then cheated on me just after moving in with me. At his brothers house, in his brother and his girlfriend’s bed -gross. He did not confess to anything, I had to have video evidence. He does not actually believe in monogamy but instead of having the balls to express this and ask for an open relationship (or at least give me the chance to leave) he went behind my back and cheated with his ex Stephanie. He said it was just sex so beware ladies, if he is dating you- you aren’t enough. He will be looking for something ‘different’ soon enough!He doesn’t feel empathy or remorse. He has a God complex (note that all his social media profiles are under the handle Dictator) DO NOT date him unless you want your heart broken.

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