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Complaint: Hired JPR Services LLC from Issaquah Was 98027. In July of 2015. we had a list of jobs that needed to be done in our rental unit in North Bend Washington. the list included replacing baseboard moldings grouting tile on entry and at wood stove, replacing toilet, replacing a door and frame, replacing shower door enclosure. And replacing closet doors. My 75 year old mother had used this guy before since 2013 and had been her regular contractor. He had built a relationship/ friendship with her. She trusted him. He came on the run to do the job. This was the first time I had ever met the guy face to face. Justin verbally quoted 2500 which I thought was steep but my mother insisted he was the guy. He was in the unit working 16 hours. Hit my mother for 3300 she paid him because after all he wouldn’t rip her off right. This is an upstairs unit she can’t get up there to inspect. Next morning I took a look, the toilet we requested was not the unit installed same with shower doors. When he removed the door frames he tore our texture off the wall to the drywall but about a foot into the ceiling and never repaired it. The door case molding above the bathroom door has 23 nails and staples in it that you can see. Various moldings around apartment he replaced fell off .The grout job had old grout floating in it was uneven with finger marks on both sets on tile. Called him he came right back over nailed a couple of moldings back on and left. DID NOTHING about grout, toilet’ or shower. While talking with my mother about this guy I find out about him hitting her for 3300 instead of the 2500 we had agreed on. I called him and asked what was up with the extra money. He claimed to never have had a conversation with me TOTAL LIE. The back story on this guy is I had heard from my mothers other tenants story’s of concern that he may be taking advantage of her. So, I was watching him on this job. So I personally talked to him on the quote. To continue, Justin claims he never talked to me despite meeting me face to face. He tells me that it there’s any problem he’ll come deal with it but wants more money. Now I have the wrong toilet wrong, shower doors grout that looks like it was done at kindercare torn texture and I’m still nailing on moldings. Third visit? More money? Hired my guy I’ve used 25 plus years completed what Justin didn’t cost me 1300 my contractor says we were overcharged 2000 from what he could see. I looked into my mother’s maintenance records involving JPR Services back to 2013. Justin never gave her a recept for any work she paid cash at his request. Again she did this because Justin was playing her and she thought he was a friend. I found the following, x 2 bathroom fan install at 500 each, a garbage disposal install at 500 also..;4400 to install 6 windows on a ground floor unit. These are just a few of many things I found. Furthermore, Justin ,at one point, told the tenets that if they had any problems to call him and he would fix it and bill my mother. He did several unauthorized repairs including a 280 dollar scratch repair on a base molding in a bathroom because the tenant couldn’t take a crap if he had to see that scratch on the molding. Also, Justin dated the relative of a tenant whose apartment has revived the following. X2 hot water heaters stove refrigerator. Toilet, bathroom sink, fosset, garbage disposal, various lighting fixtures and a range top. That’s in the last two years. Unit was ALL new rehab 3 years ago. When I asked my mother she said ” Justin said it needed it and the building is old. In conclusion

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Address: you’ve been warned. I looking into legal action at the time of this writing. Justin if your reading this you know who I am sue me if there is any defamation here. Not only did you take advantage of an old woman you stole her dignity in the process. She defended you until there was so Much evidence it couldn’t be denied. I hope someone does the same to your mother one day. To the rest of you thanks for reading my rant. Keep in mind this guy keeps a low profile and is hard to review because of it.”


Phone: Issaquah, Washington USA

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