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Complaint: These 2 clowns are complete frauds and they deserve each other. I rented an apt from him over 5 years ago in Philly. Everything was fine at first but every winter I went through at least a week where I had no water. The pipes would freeze due to poor insulation which he never fixed. This happened when it was below 25 degrees for more than 24 hours and it happened 2 different winters. Dude could not be contacted when it happened and I had to wait until it unfroze. Always paid my rent on time and when I left, he got upset. I gave the proper notices and due to a lack of repairs and horrible service I left. He was upset b/c I paid my rent ahead of time. I left and I had to sue to get my deposit back. Apartment was left cleaner than when I moved in. When he tried to pay me after the lawsuit was filed, he tried to justify keeping part of it with BS reasons like for $50 for cleaning a stove when it was spotless. Punk didn’t even show up to court but sent his evil sidekick Renata who was so pregnant she could barely walk. Courts ruled in my favor and I got my deposit back plus court fees. The other rip off reports don’t surprise me at all, I can contest to what they are saying. Avoid him at all cost if you want an apt that is habitable and operational.

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Address: P.O. Box 18171. philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America



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