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Complaint: I live in Oak Run Apartments, located at 5801 Preston Oaks Road, in Dallas, TX. I am drowning in Roaches here. The roaches are everywhere. They travel through the walls. From apartment to apartment. There are holes in the apartment all around in the walls and around the pipes. My neighbors are also complaining about the roaches. I have complained to office staff and they have been nonresponsive and rude. I have been hung up on. Because of New Years eve falling on the first my pay was delayed by one day and I was told I would be charged $75 dollars for that one day late fee by the office. These people never work with anyone and I don’t care what anyone says Apartment communities in Texas exploit the late fees. It makes no sense someone on a one bedroom should be paying twice the amount for a late fee as someone in a $500,000 dollar house. The Texas Legislature has allowed these people to do just that. Exploit folks. Get this.. The law says a late fee cannot be so much that it imposes a “penalty”” on someone or a punishment of any kind and is only to reimburse apartments for monies lost. However

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Address: the Republican legislators have left an opening

Website: but think about it. Folks put predatory and illegal clauses in contracts and leases all the time and they get struck down when they go to court. It doesn’t matter the person “”Signed”” the contract or not. Just ask Chase Bank

Phone: a loophole if you will

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