JRpicks.com , Mike Donovan, Phil Villapaino, Shyann Shimmerthighs Athens Georgia


Complaint: In short- Jack Ritchie and Mike Donovan have been making my life a living hell. I first heard from them via text message. They said they could change my life by betting their sports picks. This was not the case and I ended up deep in debt on account of their losing sports picks. If that was it… I would have moved on… But then Mike Donovan threw the name Phil Villapaino at me- I was unfamiliar with him- but Mike informed me that he was a raiders legend and that they were in cahoots. I found this hard to believe as a reputable man like Phil would never engage with known pimp (JR) and prostitute (Mike/Shyann Shimmerthighs)- but thatu2019s what theyu2019re claiming. I can confirm that Mike and Jr are known scam artists. Stay away at all costs! Do not trust these charlatans/shysters! I believe Phil Villapaino is a victim of misappropriation of identity- but itu2019s possible he smacks Mike around when he gets lippy. Mike has been working here since he was 14- his number comes back to a prostitute known as “Shyann shimmerthighsu201d google it for yourself!!!”

Tags: Escorts, Harrassing Women, Internet Fraud, Internet Gambling, Offshore Gambling, Prostitutes

Address: New York, New York United States

Website: www.jrpicks.com/


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