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Complaint: Jason Martin from JS Plumbing stole over 14,000 dollars from us to repair our home. This is an insurance claim to repair my house. Jason received checks, forged my husband and my name, cashed the checks, and never returned to do work. He hides, he lies, he destroys peoples livlihood. We would call him and he would say that he would be out to work on the house the next day and would never show up. He started hiding from us. He is now trying to extort $1500.00 from us. He say’s he will not sign a paper to release him from the job, so the insurance can get the funds released to another contrator unless we pay him $1500.00. We had the funds frozen, so he is unable to get another check, but he threatens to hold the process up unless we pay him $1,500.00. What a nightmare! My family and I are now homeless because our house is unliveable. We are totally displaced. We are paying for a motel room out of our pocket and living day to day. The saddest part is that my 13 year old daughter has been displaced because of this crook. What a pathetic excuse for a human being he is. Jason is no man. Every word he says is a lie (and that is no exagerrating)! I am heartbroken and sickened by this whole thing. My husband and I are in the process of filing criminal and civil charges against Jason. Apparently, he has doen this before! I hope Jason gets everything he has done to my family back tenfold! Jennifer Ft Worth, TX

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Address: 1117 Park Hill Avenue saginam, Texas USA

Website: www.jsplumbingcontracting.com/


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