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I called this company to purchase 25 ipod unit but the owner told me that buying one electronic pallet will be good for ebay, so i took his advice and buy one pallet, first thing if you go to their website you will notice the pallet price is 1100 including shipping when i buy it was 1300. Also shipping is not included in this price because when you call them they will tell you , you have to paid your own shipping trought this other freight shipping company. At first i thought somthing was wrong with this ,but he say the shipping is like 200 only. nAlso they only accept wiretransfer for buying the pallet , do not do this because your bank can not do nothing to get your money back, i think they know this also thats why they only accept this tipe of payment for large orders. Anyways i whent and paid 1300 pallet and 380 for shipping which was more than the 200 that he quote me the first time on the phone, at this time i could do anything cause i already paid the 1300 so i was stuck with this shipping price , it was 380 to ship it to a terminal not my house it would of cost me 650 to ship it to my house thank God i did not do that, but still i had to rent a truck to pick up the pallet, so i spin a total of 1754 so far. nHe explain to me that the pallet include , ipod,zens, video game, video game console, digital camera, portable dvd player, home thearter, he also stated that the pallet is worth 6000. nSo i am thinking that this is a good deal and i will make at least 3000 to 4000 back, when i did get the pallet , i lil cry , when i saw what was in it. It was a bunk of junk nothing what he discribe was in the pallet vaccum cleaner, microwave, alarm clock , poor junk and only 55 item on the pallet, after i tested most of the item 22 did not work and the other rest miss parts, i was very upset and called , he told me to send him picture of what i recieved i did and when he got them he say thats not what they send me. Anyyway they say my pallet most of got cherry picking durring shipping, whats the odd of that happening? they say they will send me another one but till this day everytime i call they gave same excuse and somtimes don’t answer my calls the pallet was worht around $400 i lost my money and they are not helpful they owner ack like he got to many things to do they just not helpful they lie so much please don’t buy from them if you out of state cost they will send you their left overs and if anyone here knows any ligal action i can take or can help me please feel free to contact me. nReginadnAlbuquerque, New MexicoU.S.A.

2001 Peninsula Dr Erie, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


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