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A Star-Studded Scammer

Some people have taken their scams to the next level. They are cheating hundreds or thousands of people and they don’t get caught. One such scammer is JT Foxx. This guy is stealing money from people in the name of his networking events and seminars. If I sell you trash but tell you it is gold, who would be the scammer?

JT Foxx is a popular name in the industry and that is why, it’s vital for you to check all the facts before you make any decisions in this regard. JT Foxx has been cheating people for a number of years. I fell prey to this deceptive guy last year. His scam is simple. He tells you that you will get an amazing opportunity to meet new people and network but he does that after charging you multiple times for the same thing.

Numerous people, including me, have suffered financial losses because of JT and his vicious schemes. I wanted to make sure that others get to know the reality behind JT’s events. He uses his customers’ money to get celebrities to share stages with him. He is giving fake information to people so they would believe him.

JT’s scam is humongous and it’s vital to expose him. Otherwise, he will keep cheating people and ruin the lives of numerous innocent others. I have lost thousands of dollars because of this guy and the unfortunate fact is, I’m not the only one.

I hope my past experiences and other people’s reviews will help you realize the truth behind JT’s fake persona.

His Courses Are a Lie – My Experience

JT Foxx Mega Speaker Review

JT organizes multiple events throughout the year. They are his way of earning the bread. If he had remained honest, it would have been great, but he chose to remain a cheat. I had found his ‘Mega Profit’ event, which claims to provide you with one-on-one coaching with leading experts in your industry.

I was working on a start-up then. But I didn’t know anyone in my social circle who could provide me with guidance on the subject of businesses and start-ups. I was working with my friends and they were inexperienced as well. I was seriously looking for a mentor, someone who could answer my business-related questions and remove my confusion.

I thought JT’ Mega Profits event would be the perfect choice for me. It promises to give you access to some of the best coaches in different industries. I checked the website and it was full of all the glitz and glamour. The website is professional and it has multiple customer testimonials so I got very impressed. I checked out the upcoming events and bought a ticket for one.

The ticket for the one-on-one coaching cost me $5,000 at that time. Let me be honest here, I was really excited to go to the event and get some valuable insight on how should I approach my problems and how should I plan ahead. But I did not know that JT Foxx was actually a fraudster who was lying all the time. He tells you fake stories and does false promises just so you can fill his pockets with your money.

I should have checked his website and its events online before making any decisions in this regard. There are many people who have been scammed by JT and some of them have shared their experiences online as well.

Anyway, after buying the ticket, I asked the customer support about hte kind of coaches I will get to meet. They gave me some vague replies like “You will meet many distinguished personalities” and “Don’t worry sir we promise your experience will be worth it”.

I was a little confused at that time because it was clear that they did not want to tell me about the coaches who will be attending the event. But I still did not do anything specific and check their credibility. When I went to the event, I realized my mistake.

There were no ‘great experts’ or ‘coaches’. No, there only was a group of people in the coaches section who were completely unknown. I had not heard about any of them anywhere. Still, even at that time, I did not doubt the credibility of JT. I thought it was mistake that I was not active enough in my industry. I thought those guys were some hidden experts or back-end professionals.

When my turn came for the one-on-one coaching, I was really happy. I went up there, introduced myself to all those experts and they told me that I can ask them anything regarding my business. I asked them for some start-up advice but to my surprise, they also gave me vague replies. It seemed as if the experts didn’t know much about start-ups and business management as well. There were uttering the obvious advice which is present all over YouTube and the internet.

I asked them for some specific experience and suggestions. They still gave me some vague replies. When I asked one of them to share her past experience and how he became an ‘expert’ in the start-up industry, she got infuriated. I hadn’t questioned her credibility but they told me that I was very disrespectful.

When the even ended, I was left with no information but only a lesson that I should never trust JT Foxx and his company’s products. When everyone was leaving the event, the event organizers were handing out pamphlets for the upcoming Foxx’s events. But like me, most of the attendees were disappointed with the experience.

So, JT lied to me and hundreds of other people about his event and how he ‘connects’ people to  real experts. I guarantee that he doesn’t bring any real experts in his ‘Mega Profits Event’. Instead, he hires some actors and gives them a list of pre-written replies so they can seem like experts. I lost $5,000 to this guy and I know that most of the people, who attended that event like me, also lost a great deal of their earnings.

When I checked online later on, I saw that all of JT’s events are filled with such liars and thieves. JT is able to get celebrities for his ‘Mega Success’ event because he spends a lot of cash on the same. JT and his company don’t realize that cheating with people and stealing money from them will lead to consequences.

I learned nothing from that event. It was one of the most wasteful expenditures for me. I know they wouldn’t give me any refunds because the event is now over. But what I want to tell you is, don’t get lured by all the celebrities and pomp and show JT does. He is doing all of that just to deceive you.

His events don’t provide you with any value. And the one-on-one coaching? They are nothing more than a staged scam. The experts you’ll meet are nothing. I learned more from the internet that those lying arrogant actors. None of the experts present on the panel shared any of their credentials. It was impossible for anyone to check their legitimacy. I felt like a fool when I left his event.

Others’ Experiences w/ JT Foxx

After my incident I searched the internet and found out many other people who have suffered the ruthlessness of JT Foxx. This guy has removed most of the complaints from the internet but some people were too brave for him to scare and those complaints are available to read.

Here are some of them:

Better Business Bureau Complaints on JT Foxx Organization:

Stay away!!!

Ted E from BBB shares his experience with JT Foxx

JT Foxx org only wants the cash in your bank account and nothing else. Using their psychological sales techniques, they force the people attending their seminars into buying their bull*hit course. They are bullies and don’t fulfil their promises. After 3 days of buying a ticket to their seminar,I asked the company for my refund which was to be held 6 months later. However, they refused to give me my money back.

They told me that Randi Z is going to be present in the event and he would be there for 4 days attending every individual who goes to the event. They also said that he would be available for face to face conversations as well, but after I bought the pass they told me that he would only be there for 1 day. I did not sign up for this and I wanted my refund. JT Foxx organization also told me that world’s best coaches will be at the event but when I questioned them about the information of these “top coaches” they gave me vague answers.

Later they sent me their 1st names and their “talents”, it didn’t include any information about their education or experiences, and it was just useless information with no backing. It is impossible to search these coaches on Google with the kind of info they provided me. I noticed that they don’t make any solid claims and keep things as vague as possible. So if anyone sues them, they can hide behind their wall of vagueness. If you give your money to them then it would be better if you forget about it cause you aren’t going to get it back by any means possible. I guarantee that you will not get a refund from JT Foxx Organization.

Run from this company!

Lisa T from BBB shares his experience with JT Foxx

After my experience with this company, all I want to say is STAY AWAY from JT Foxx Organization! They are selfish and full of themselves. I have been a businessman for 30 freaking years and I never dealt with a company which is worse than JT Foxx. I bought two 2-day seminars from the guy himself (JT Foxx) during one of their promotions where hundreds of people were present. After a week, I received an email which explained the details of the event and 4 days after that, I received a call from the company stating,” We are extremely sorry but the event has been cancelled and we will send you explanatory email soon”. Only 10 days were left before the event should have begun, I never got their “explanatory email”, so I emailed them requesting a refund.

However, instead of processing my request and giving me my money back, they simply denied giving the refund. They were offering me totally useless overpriced products in exchange but I needed a simple cash refund. They said that they cannot initiate the refund because of the following 2 reasons: 1) They didn’t have a choice but to cancel the event as not many people would have attended the event because of the nearby Charlotte program. 2) They rescheduled the event because there were some issues regarding the flights. After reading these excuses I did some research myself and it turned out that they never even booked the hotel where the event was going to take place.

The Hotel management told me that it is a new hotel and they never received any request for events. So JT Foxx organisation was selling a product which they didn’t even have. This company is full of cunning frauds thatlie to the face without any hesitation. Anyone who questions them or writes any negative reviews on them is attacked by them heavily. They spend thousands of dollars on their reputation and image. There is not a single positive review on them because they simply don’t deliver their commitments.

Just refund me my $5100 Foxx!

I bought their package for one of their 2018 events for a sum of $5,100. They decided to shift the date of the event 16 weeks after they received the payment and refused to give us the refund. I also attended their 2017 event which included pictures for my husband and me with celebrities. But when we tried to capture the pictures we were pulled off of the lien and they told us we cannot take photos unless we wear their official JT Foxx tie. This was not mentioned in the contract ANYWHERE and it was just disrespectful to be pulled out of a line publicly. It did not say anywhere that we would be forced to wear JT branded stuff for the pictures and video we were paying for.
The JT branding could not be removed from ANY images and videos and it will be present permanently. I needed these photos and videos for my brand’s promotion not for JT Foxx’s.
The dates for 2018 Mega Success were released on the 2017 event, so after checking our calendar, we booked it for $5,100. After four months we were told that JT Foxx org has changed Mega Success 2018’s dates and we wouldn’t have been able to attend it at those dates, so we decided to request a refund. But they simply refused saying that the JT Foxx org only provides refunds 3 days prior the payment, they added that they will however, give me credits for their other (over expensive) products. THEY changed the dates of the event and I didn’t book it for that particular date so I just wanted a refund, not a credit.

JT Foxx Organization replied to this complaint and said, they will resolve this problem as soon as possible. They offered the customer credits instead of the refund and to this the customer simply said no. She DIDN’T accept their response.

There a handful of other complaints about JT Foxx org on BBB as well. Most of them are of their refund policy and it seems that they are extremely infamous for stealing money from people and not paying them back. One of their customers filed a complaint on 29-09-17, stating that he/she requested a refund for one of their events, but haven’t received it till date.

Scamero.com Complaints on JT Foxx Organization:

JT Foxx’s Truth
This complaint was filed on 19st June 2018

JT Foxx is a fraud and he lies about his real wealth. He is nowhere as rich as he says he is. He just fakes his wealth to promote himself and his brand. The products he sells are horribly overpriced and promoting a guy like him is just disgraceful.

JT Foxx is a bitch
This complaint was filed on 6th June 2018

I attended the Mega Speaker seminar recently and it was really weird to be honest. One thing I saw was that everything there was fake; the whole brand they were trying to present didn’t feel legitimate. Being a professional in advertising business for more than 13 years, I know if someone is faking it or not. His approach clearly sucks and I don’t even want to talk about the design. However, he is very talented when it comes to big talk; he applies all the advertising strategies in his seminars and events. These techniques can easily manipulate a native person. He is an impressive guy but I would certainly not recommend you to buy his expensive stuff if you are not rich. He generates mediocre content but charges a fortune for it. You would be better off with better and cheaper alternatives on the internet.

Take him down!
This complaint was filed in 8th March 2018

I don’t understand why so many people fail to understand that JT Foxx is a hoax. His work ethic itself is a big red flag but still people don’t get it. He pays money to major celebrities for the chance to have a photograph with them and he uses them to make an illusion of success. He presents them in such a way that the customers think that he knows these celebrities in person, whereas he is just lying. These pictures are posted on his social media and website, where more and more people see it. Dumb people who believe in his s*it buy his expensive and useless crap.
Next thing he does is talking about millions he has, but in reality is far far poor than a millionaire. He throws around shiny stuff which makes people think he is rich AF and anyone will trust a guy who is rich. Why? Because that’s how the world is nowadays. He claims to have 50 freaking businesses but has ZERO evidence for it. I mean c’mon dude quit playing around! He does not mention any of his businesses in detail and no one in the earth knows what these 50 businesses are. I doubt even the man himself does not know what businesses he claims to run.
Another one of his big claims is that he runs a radio show on every Saturday, which is aired on major radio stations. His radio show seems to have its very own website as well. But just like his dozens of businesses, his radio show is fake too. As there is no freaking evidence of his show being aired.

There are many more true reviews on JT Foxx and you can check them out using the links provided in the end. Mr Foxx and his company havestolen money from hundreds of innocent people and someone should really put an end to it.

Concluding Thoughts on JT Foxx Review

Many scams like JT Foxx’s get caught but his doesn’t. And I know why. He spends lavishly on attracting celebrities and getting them to share stages with him. When you see respectable people like Arnold and Sylvester sharing stages with a guy like JT, you begin to trust JT too.

I did the same mistake. And I can promise you, JT doesn’t give you anything for your money. I still regret my decision of purchasing that $5,000 ticket and going to his ‘Mega Profits’ event. If you read the experiences and complaints of other people, you would have seen that JT’s scam is humongous.

He is cheating people in multiple ways and it is vital to put a stop to this guy. I have done part by writing this article; will you do yours by sharing it?

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