Judge Andrew G. Tarantino Jr. & Deutsche Bank Coram New York


Complaint: Judge Andrew G. Tarantino Jr. granted Deutsche Bank foreclosure/sale of my family home that was built in 1995 and paid off in 2006. Judge Tanenbaum stated return with proper paperwork Deutsche Bank did not . Then they went to Judge Arthur Pitts, who granted foreclosure/sale based on fraudulent information stating the house was vacant. When Judge Pitts received true information he vacated foreclosure/sale. Then the Bank went to Judge Andrew G. Tarantino Jr., who with out proper paperwork granted them foreclosure/sale. My family and I have been fighting in multiple courts. We have a motion pending to dismiss foreclosure/sale , sale, Referee’s Deed and put my name and my mother s name back on the house we had built in 1995. We were dismissed from tenant landlord court in Patchogue for a stay until Judge Luft makes a decison. Without any notice Deutche Bank sold the family home to Prince Grover of Dreamz Homes LLC. So we are still fighting and we found one person who is helping and another who may help. I just recently returned from the hospital from my 2nd Tia(mini stroke). The stress of losing my legacy for my family, my investment and my equity, plus the constant terror , harrassment and crimes committed against me and my family by Deutsche Bank, their lawyers, OCWEN, Prince Grover of Dreamz Homes, and their lawyer Prem P. Ganshani is killing me. I was born free in America and I will fight as long as I am breathing.

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