Judge Charles J. Hoskin Las Vegas Nevada


Complaint: A few years ago I was going through a divorce with my ex-wife. We split up for a year and got back together and then decided to end our relationship. We did the Divorce Decree ourselves and I agrred to pay her a monthly amount. I removed my name off our bank accounts, utilities, debts,credit cards, etc I paid her as well as paid for auto insurance, auto repairs, groceries and utilities. I saved all of the receipts. I moved out but still saw my children 3 times per week. When lease was up she moved in with family and the children moved in with me full time, 7 days per week. We also at this time were still friends and cordial towards each other. Note: (The proper thing at this time would have been to ammend our divorce decree, but I’m not a lawyer, so I didn’t know) She remarried and I thought it was in the children’s best interest to have BOTH parents involved so we split custody. Obviously while I had full custody and then joint, I did not pay her child support. She claimed I never paid child support and I received a subpoena from her attourney. I did pay her child support, and I over paid, but she married a new person who was also divorced and he knew a loop hole in the law. He knew I paid her, but I did not write “Child Support”” in the memo line on the checks. I went to Equal Rights for Divorced Fathers for assistance but her new husband’s family had money and an attorney on retainer. I took the advice of ERDF and hired a bad attorney Edward Miley( a different report him will be filed) We went to court and I brought over 100 pages of receipts and copies of checks and organized it in chronological order as well as geographical location of receipts due to me moving across town and I wanted to prove I purchased food

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Address: clothing

Website: with arbitration the fees are based on income

Phone: etc in her area of town and not mine. The judge ordered us to go and TRY family court arbitrator

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