judge heather higbee kissimmee Florida


Complaint: can someone please help me with information on how to get rid off a bad judge!!! this judge heather higbee humilliated me in the past and now the most recent abuse of power she committed in my case was the following, i had a child support case that i have been fighting in court for years because my ex keeps hiding his income, he testified his income is cash only, and this judge even though she was aware of his testimony about his cash income and that he pays no taxes which is fraud, this woman added in her calcularion 1000 dollars more in his income to make it look like he is paying taxes just to help him, she also ordered visits when in the past there was an injunction for abuse and my ex is not even askig for visits, but im asking to relocate, so with all bad intention she left ny petition to relocate ignored for 11 months and ordered visits instead so i cant move, also in her calculation she increased my income which caused a decrease in my child suppport amount!! please can soneone tell me how can i get her out of that bench! this woman is abusing her power and shouldnt be a judge!! i try the jqc they helped her and rejected my complaint eventhough i provided all the evidence, i try the chief judge another waste of time, i try the governor and they also protected her, my god no wonder she does whatever she wants, now i understand why fl is called the state of fraud!””” if someone can help i wll appreciate it

Tags: Government Worker

Address: i just pray that wonan csn be removed


Phone: is not right she gets away with it just because she got a position with a governor recommendation what a mistake the governor made!”

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