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Complaint: Judge Thomas Parisi sits on The Court of Common Pleas in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for The County of Berks. Despite criminals violating the terms of ARD, or Probation, Judge Parisi continues to give them passes rather than hold them accountable. One specific case is docket CP-06-CR-0002154-2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Bethany Helbert. In this case Bethany Helbert took a persons car without permission to visit her boyfriend (a convicted felon named Scott Geiswite) and crashing the vehicle along I-81. Bethany was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and was placed on ARD with the conditions that she pay full restitution within two years. Bethany Helbert has failed to pay restitution within that period of time and therefore should be removed from The ARD Program and face the charges against her, however Judge Parisi gave her a pass and extended her deadline another 6 months. It is suspected that Bethany is getting these passes, because she is the niece of another Judge in Pennsylvania Richard C. Beck. I felt necessary to air this in the public domain, because people are tired of having two justice systems. One system for connected people like Bethany Helbert, and another system for The Average Joe. Sources: ujsportal.pacourts.us/DocketSheets/CPReport.ashx?docketNumber=CP-06-CR-0002154-2010 crimedockets.com/pdf/pennsylvania/berks_county/CP-06-CR-0002154-2010.pdf

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