Judy Evans frederick Maryland


Complaint: I contacted rita evans and she began to talk to me almost in the first minutes of the conversation she asked me for money. I told her I would borrow some from my family she asked how much,and told me to keep it a secret between me and her. I got $ $10.000 ans sent to her in cash she said it was to much for pay pal. She sent her friend Janet down the street to pick the money up and wien i called her to see how my case was comin along. she would not get on the phone anymore ann ross was in the house ane we talked for some time. after that I never heard from them except to send me filthy tex messages and threathening voice nmails that i better not report this to the cops or i might have my grand children hurt or i may be hurt, butr i called the police any way. this is all on file

Tags: Police

Address: 902 Melisa Drive San Antonio, Texas United States of America

Website: Authentic phychic Ann Ross

Phone: 210-733-4325

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