Just Brakes #505


Complaint: I wish I had read this site first. Here is the complaint that I just sent to JustBrakes.com and will be following up with a call to their corporate office in Dallas, TX. By the by, here’s that number 800-445-7105. New car, one day out of warranty period (note that I said DAY, not mileage. The mileage is very low.) To Whom It May Concern: After having received 4 new tires at Firestone, I asked them to check my brakes because I had experienced some grinding. They said that the pads were 95% worn and needed replacing ASAP. … to make a long story short… I went to Just Brakes because of the location – much closer than the dealership and I thought that, because dealerships are usually pretty expensive, I would take it to someone who “specializes”” – boy

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Address: was I wrong on that one. I took my car into Just Brakes during lunch on 1/10

Website: otherwise there would have been more damage) and they told me this. What incompetence! After I TOLD them that someone would be checking their work! I have submitted my complaint to Just Brakes and have gotten my dealership to put IN WRITING their findings for Just Brakes reveiw if they are interested. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO

Phone: TOLD them that I was going to be taking it to Saturn for any additional repairs above and beyond the 99.88 special (he STILL tried to sell me a whole bunch of stuff)

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