Just Brakes Glendale Arizona


Complaint: Just Brakes quoted my girlfriend $600 dollars for a master cylinder and brake pad replacement. That was $200 too much to start with. They advertise $99 pads, grease bearings and turn rotors. When the job was completed, the brakes loudly squeeked. They said it was normal and would go away after 500 miles. I know better, I install brakes myself. I brought it back and they “looked at it”” and it still had the same problem. I told the manager I wanted better pads. He agreed but the original guy I dealt with (I think the ASSistant manager) bitterly complained. They put the pads on and he got in the car and test drove it while getting grease all over the seats

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Address: door and hood; came back and slammed the door and said

Website: one was over $1000. These people are thieves. John Glendale

Phone: “”well it isn’t squeeking anymore””. While I waited for the repair to be done

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