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Complaint: Just Brakes endangers the lives of families with slipshod workmanship and totally rude customer service. We took our Audi A4 into Just Brakes in Stockbridge Georgia just to have them look at a squeeking noise. We had reviously asked if they wrked on Audis. We took it in under their $99.00 special and left it there. Later they called saying it would cost mre than $400 to fix the breaks. We olny suthorized $246.06 worth of work. When we picked it up the ABS light and ASR light was on and the manager lied saying those lights were on when the car was brought in. He refused to fix at the problem and ruldly threw the keys back into the car. We talked one technitian into looking at the car and he admitted that the parts they used did not fit the factory specs so the connections were bad and the ABS and ASR lights could only be reset or fixed by the dealer. We promptly canceled the payment with the bank we use. In trying to get the car home with our daughter in the back seat the breaks started smoking and locking up. We took it to a dealer who cofirmed that Just Breaks messed it up and it now will cost $1,200 to fix. Just Breaks did not have the integrity to admit that they did not have the equipment to fix the Audi so they put my family’s lives in jeopardy instead. Somebody shuld shut them down before someone gets hurt. David West Palm Beach, FloridaU.S.A.

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Address: 5244 N. Henry Blvd. Stockbridge, Georgia U.S.A.


Phone: 678-289-2100

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