Just Brakes Norcross Georgia


Complaint: I’m filing this report to make the residents of the Atlanta area aware of the Just Brakes scam. Please do not patronize this business, especially the Covington Hwy location. The store manager ‘Chris’ and the shop foreman are experts at lies and deceit. I was ripped off this Saturday (4/3) for $670 in charges I didn’t authorize. The wording on their service contract doesn’t clearly state what services are being authorized and they apply extemely high prices for parts and services you really don’t need. In fact, I told both of them I didn’t want any of the additional services perform, just the $99.88 special. They performed the work anyway because I sign a line that states “I CERTIFY THAT I AUTHORIZED THE ABOVE TELEPHONE REVISED ESTIMATE””. I did not interpret this statement as giving authorization to PERFORM any additional work. There was also a line that gives you a chance to accept or decline the estimate. After I told the ‘Chris’ I didn’t want any of the additional repairs performed

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Address: he nelected to instruct me whether or not to accept the revised estimate in writing. Upon reading all posts about Just Brakes and experiencing first hand their way of doing business

Website: contact a lawyer

Phone: I’m proceeding with legal action against Just Brakes

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