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Complaint: I went To Just Brakes back in May of 2003. Complained that the brakes were still going to the floor they told me to drive it some more. In June I asked them to check brakes again they said that a spring was on backwards. Went back again in July told them that my driver’s back tire was getting a grove in the wall of tire and that the brakes were going to floor still. Tried to tell me I needed to buy a master cylinder a 2,100 dollar part, plus labor to install it. I took the car over to Roy’s Auto to get a 2nd. opinion, they told me that there was nothing wrong with the master cylinder. They also found that they had a lug nut and stud missing on the drivers side rear tire. Just Brakes tried to sand the tire so the grove would not look so bad. That cost me another 35 dollars that Just brakes should have payed for that they did not. Just brakes put the mileage down on the car wrong on the first visit. When I asked for them to correct it they said no. I had the emisions checked on the 7th 0f May. Mileage on that was 144. On May 10th they but the mileage down as 143874. In July when I noticed the discrepancy the mileage was 146382 (July 29th, 2003) I tried to tell them that the 3 should have been a 5. They are saying that I drove over 2500 miles in two months. When in the next six month I drove 4335 miles. When I took the car back in January they wanted another 357 dollars I told them no I did not want them to fix my car. I would get a ceterfied mechanic to do the work just give me the parts they said no and canceled my warranty. IT TOOK THEM TWO DAYS TO PUT MY CAR BACK TOGETHER. I WALKED HOME WITH TWO FAKE HIPS.tttt Marilyn phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

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Address: 15235 north 32nd Street Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.


Phone: 602-7657767

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