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Complaint: Took my Dodge Durango into Just Brakes on 10/24/01 for brake service. Original estimate was $99.88 plus tax. Got a call from the service rep, Will, saying there was extensive damage and the estimate was now $234.00 plus tax. When I showed up to pick my car up, the bill was $455.12. When I questioned Will, he got abusive, then called in the tech who worked on the truck, and both of them got abusive. It is now 8,000 miles and 7 months later. I took my truck into a service shop because there was a terrible squeal coming from the front when I applied the brakes. This condition has been occuring since mid-March. When they looked at my truck, they determined that the Just Brakes had put both squeal pads on the front left wheel. The OEM spec is for the squeal pads to be on the inside of each of the two front wheels. It was also determined that the front rotors had never been ‘turned’, even though the Just Brakes receipt say they were turned to specifications marked on the receipt. Finally, the receipt says that the rear brake drums were turned and the pads replaced. However, there were still OEM pads and parts present, so apparently Just Brakes charged for work that was never performed. I will never spend another penny at Just Brakes. I will recommend any auto service except Just Brakes to all my friends, family and associates. James Arlington, Texas

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Address: 107 N. Collins Arlington, Texas U.S.A.


Phone: 817-277-1311

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