Just4Kicks Singapore Asia Review


At first Just4Kicks appeared as very legit, as they showed pictures of them with celebrities and claiming they helped music videos. That fooled me. I was ordering internationally, and ordered my shoes from them on November 21. In their website, they guaranteed a tracking number in the week you ordered your item. First week passed, nothing was sent to me. I even told them I have had bad experiences with ordering internationally, but they assured me there would be no problems. A week and a half, I emailed them asking for my tracking number, and they replied saying my tracking number was down and they would get it to me the following week. That week passed, they said it was out of order. Since the tracking number wasn’t the greatest idea to depend on, I asked them when I would get them. nThey “guaranteed”” me 2-4 weeks I would recieve my order after my purchase. 2 weeks passed and nothing. I thought to myself

since I’m living internationally I would get my shoes probably latest at 3 weeks and 4 days. After almost 3 weeks passed as a total of 4 and a half weeks

I emailed them complaining to them I have not recieved my shoes. I didn’t get a reply for weeks. I finally got one on December 21 (a month after my purchase) saying that they gurantee my a revieved product in 6 weeks max. Even in their shipping policy

they had changed their wording from 2-4 weeks guaranteed to 2-6 weeks guaranteed. I thought that was kind of fishy

but I kept calm and waited. nAfter a month later

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