JustAirTicket Complaint


BEWARE OF THIS SITE. THEY ARE NOT OUT OF NEW JERSEY. THEY ARE OUT IF SE ASIA. Their customer service is horrible and the whole site is a scam. I travel overseas regularly and this is my first time i purchased a ticker from them. Before i paid i specifically asked about the insurance they sell if it covers cancellations of any type and their answer was YES. They were lying. Turned out insurance only covers medical related cancellations. A week later called to change return date. On a ticket that cost me $1000 they asked $ 600 to change date. Next day i called again only this yime they asked $980. In their contract says you can cancel for a certain fee. When i called 3rd time they told me i cant cancel and if i do i wont get anything back. They transfered me from o e person ro anotherand thats been going on for 2 weeks. I can buy a return ticket for the date i want for $500 from any other site. Unbelievable the guts on these. I know there is a fee to change dates but the most i paid was 400 bucks with orbitz. Amd somehow the tickets they sell can”t be changed directly through the air company because i tried that too. The first time i was told by Delta and Air France that with this particular dealer they can”t do anything for me. And every time i call justairticked i ve been given higher and higher price to change the return dateon the reservation. I ll end up paying $ 500 through a different company for the datei want to return but will not pay them another $1000. Another thing – somewhere before you pay for the ticket “according to them” it says that dates may vary from what you picked. So i got screwed there too. READ ALL REVIEWS ONLINE FOR THEM BEFORE DECIDING TO BUY. THEY ARE NOT CHEAPER THAN THE BIG COMPANIES. I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW I PULLED THEIR WEBSITE. WORST EXPERIENCE AS A CONSUMET EVER. BUT I M NOT SURPRISED. THATS WHAT HAPOENS WHEN YOU DEAL WITH COMPANIES FROM A THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES!

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