Grabbing, using, someones debit card on the sneak


My Complaint: When a person purchases an item from Just Fab they grab your card number and then charge your account 39.95 a month. It is a very sneeky practice. When you call them to get your money back they will not refund all of it and because you did call them you get locked out of your account so in that way they can prevent you from using the funds they have taken from your card and put in your account. I was out almost $200.00 before I caught on. My bank says because it is past 60 days there is nothing the bank can do in my behalf. There are a number of articals on the net now explaining better then I can how Just Fab does this scam. I would like to know, how can they be stopped from hurting other people like they did me??? And, if we don’t stop Just Fab, I’m very worried other companies will start doing this same scam. Please look into the business practice of just Fab and check out the info at this link to explain better the problem. www.sitejabber.com/revi…


My Demand: My money back that they have captured

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