Justin Spizman


We hired Justin to re-write a case study. We had a contract with Justin to re write and re structure the entire study and edit the final copy. We paid $13,000 before he started the job and he did not end up full-filling his contractual agreements and only done 30% of the editing. He did not do any of the re writing & re structuring that was outlined in the contract. The total editing is only to the value of $3,000 and we were out of pocket $10,000 for work he did not complete.

Mr Justin refused to do the work at the start soon after we signed the contract. He only started several weeks later after much back and forth via email. I very strongly do not recommend Justin Spizman for any book writing or ghost writing work. BE CAREFULL OF THIS FAKE GHOST WRITER. If you want more info you can email me at [email protected]

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