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Complaint: Justuno : Justuno.com | 972 Mission St. 5th Floor, | San Francisco | CA, 94103 My name is David and I own Vortex Web Design LLC, on or about February of 2014 a client sent me a e-mail about a new program called Justuno.com, a Conversion Suite & Promotions Platform where as clients pay a monthly fee to join. 2/6/2014 u2013 I fist made contact with Justuno by e-mail, my intent was to enter their Partner Program where I would receive a commission for each client who signed up for a paying account. 2/7/2014 u2013 I received a e-mail from Corey Snow from justuno contacted me telling me he would love to talk to me about the program 2/8/2014 u2013 After many attempts to contact Corey Snow I submitted a ticket on there support system u2013 they were answered by a u201cBobbieu201d who on 2/11/2014 told me Corey Snow would contact me that day 2/11/2014 u2013 I had a long talk with Corey Snow by phone who went over the partner program with me and also explained that they were still in the process of creating there partner program and he keep me updated, I explained that I had a few clients that would be interested in joining and would send him over a list, Corey Snow congregated me for joining there partner program and we ended the phone call 2/11/2014 u2013 At this point I am being told I am in their partner program so I send over a list of clients who mite be interested in joining so they could be tracked, I also set up accounts for some of my clients giving them the option to join, many clients joined and are still using the software today u2013 paying clients 3/4/2014 u2013 I received a e-mail from Corey Snow thanking me for the list of clients (13 Accounts) and for the heads up on them joining the program, he told me he would Manually Manage the accounts and move them over to a different system in early Q2 u2013 I am attaching this to the report as u201cexhibit Au201d 3/4/2014 u2013 I asked Corey Snow how would I be able to track who or what account was activated, Corey Snow sent me a e-mail that read Awesome. Got it… thank you, David! Coreyu201d 8/30/2014 u2013 Over the past months I have received nothing u2013 heard nothing from justuno.com so after calling and calling with no answer I sent them a ticket asking them to please contact me about my commissions u2013 after talking to several of my clients I know 7 of them signed up on a PAY account u2013 but I received nothing I have tried over and over to contact Corey Snow with NO Answer I have called support and left messages with NO reply 7/13/2015 I receive a email from Corey Snow telling me that he could only pay me $110 u201cexhibit Bu201d My response: u201cexhibit Cu201d As of today u2013 9/18/2015 u2013 After trying to e-mail and calling u2013 I have heard NOTHING from Justuno.com about my commissions I refuse the $110 offered to settle this case I gave them a list of 13 good clients u2013 7 of them I know are using the software In my opinion, Corey Snow committed fraud against my company u2013 promising one thing and delivering another

Tags: Social Services

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.justuno.com/

Phone: (415) 878-6070

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