K n B Bloodhounds Waldron Arkansas


Complaint: On Jan 24th I sold a very Healthy 110 lb Black & Tan full coat AKC registered 4 yr old grown intack female to these folks, I have owned this b***h most all of her life since she was 8 weeks old. She was Vet checked and Health certified to fly on Jan 24th 20011, Shipped to Columbus Ohio for pick up on Jan 26th 2011 With claims there male hated this bitches guts and would not like her they called and sayed we don’t want our money back we just want to get this dog out of here!!! Feb the 8th 2011 they shipped her back in a Blizzard 30 inch snow storm negitive tempatures and did not bother to call or email me to tell me the dog was on the plane in route back to me. She arrived in Tulsa International 150 miles away from me in a Blizzard and was deathly sick. I was not there to pick her up the airline called me and took her directly to the Tulsa Animal Emercancy clinic. This dog had to stay there 5 days on IV fluids, meds etc… and has x-rays of something in her stomach?? The airlines called Mr. Chapman to get him to pay for the boarding of the dog (per airline rules…) Mr. Chapman told the airlines (we don’t give a s**t what you do with this dog we are not paying for no more on this dog and you can give her away for all we care” $1657.00 worth of vet bills later she got to come home still on medication and bleeding from her female area. NOTE: She still has something in her stomach??? Rock

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: Bone

Website: Rt 2 box 599 Milton, West Virginia United States of America

Phone: Metal who knows right??? several thousands of dollars later to remove this object. As of this month I have filed in Court actions against this so called DOG BREEDER!!! I would watch this breeder in the furture as they don’t have a dog idea on how to feed a bloodhound

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