wont refund my money answer my calls or send product


My Complaint: When i ordered i was told i would receive a tracking number (never got one). I was told he needed more $ since in the state of MN i need a license for it so i sent it and he took the $ twice. he told me it would be delivered by 315 2/22/14. never showed up. He took me for 350.00 and tried taking more from my bank account so i had to cancel my accounts. When i called to ask what was going on he asked my name when i told him he hung up on me and blocked my phone number. on the site he asks for you r pin number after entering payment info. When i saw this i stopped and called to pay another way. Do not go to them. Do not enter ANY information.


My Demand: I want my $ back, this site shut down, and this pice of sh*t found.

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