K2smokes Bedford Indiana Review


k2smokes ripped myself and friend off a total of 21 cartons. We ordered from them several times before with no problems. They actually responded to 1 of my e-mails & gave me a credit on my account with them. THEN charged my credit card anyway when I ordered using the credit on my account. For the other orders, they refuse to respond to us. I am currently researching who and where to turn to for help. So far I found k2smokes parent company info. on the net by simply typing in LMB Trading SA. I am also going to research any options I/we may have available throught the United States International Trade Commission. Hope the rest of you don’t just sit back either. If I can find any help for us, will post it ASAP. Time to shut these @*&$#’s down!

Via Al Mulino 22 Internet United States of America


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