Kanes Furniture Riverview Florida Review


I called in the complaint on June. And was told i need to send photos of the complaint. I sent the photos in and heard nothing. I called 2 weeks later. And ask if i need to any thing else? She said let me check the file. Then came back on the phone and said. the couch material is not covered. I told her when i bought. They also sold me fabric protection. She said wait a minite. Let me look at the pictures. And came back and said. it shows wear from where you were sitting on it. I told her first of all. The item is a couch. And why would you not sit in it. And the area you are talking about is the upper part of the couch. Beside where your head would sit. So nothing was touching this area.She said she would conect me to the manager. And after 4 minites. They hung up on me. Then Sent me a email saying that it is not covered.

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