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Complaint: Kevin Sobel who works for Kanner and Pintaluga is the worst lawyer that you can find. He is rude, irrespectul and he doesn’t take care of your case, he is unprofessional, he lie to you, he won’t give information to you, he won’t return the calls or emails. Once that they have the compensation money, they don’t want to give it to you. They use anything to trick you. They don’t want to send you the money and don’t even pick up calls or emails. Kevin Sobel should be disbar because he doesn’t work in an ethical manner. He gives you information that it is not true and will make you not just lose your money but your patience. Trust me I am taking the time to write this ripoff review to alert you and I don’t want any other person to fall in the same situation that it happened to me. Everything that they advertise it is the opposite. Kevin Sobel is irresponsible in the way he take care of cases and I have been fighting to get my money and I haven’t have any luck by now. He will retain your money for ever. Do not trust Kevin Sobel Kevin Sobel is a rude person. Kevin Sobel is not trustworthy Kevin Sobel will lie to you Kevin Sobel shouldn’t be practicing law. Kanner and Pintaluga will misrepresent you. Do not waste your money and your time with Kanner and Pintaluga and Kevin Sobel.

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Address: 101 Pugliese’s way First Floor Delray Beach Fl Internet United States of America

Website: www.kpattorney.com/

Phone: 5614240032

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