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Complaint: I purchase earphones as a pre-order from Kanoa, Inc. on 4/26/16 after seeing a Facebook ad. I researched the site and combed through all the details. Everything seemed legit as I was hesitant about dropping $150 on a pair of earphones that were still being produced. I was under the impression from all the marketing that these were on the way to the manufacturer or already there and they needed the pre-order to finalize everthing. They had endorsement, and what seemed to be in-hand products. I received a confirmation email stating that the Batch 1 orders would ship no later that July 2016. While Batch 2 would follow a few weeks after. Low and behold that time came and went as the company continue to provided updates on the status and said there were delays because they were aquiring better hardware, etc. Much to my dismay I was upset because I was not under the impression these were R&D mockups/concepts. They then provided a timeline diagram of the process on the user portal and it basically looked like they were starting from scratch and this was all just a concept rendering. But each employee always touted a pair in their ears as if they were using them regulary. After giving them the benefit of the doubt I gave them more time as they pushed the delivery date back another couple of months, then they pushed it back a third time saying ALL order will ship Spring 2017 us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=5b29f517109b4d56adcd85f4c&id=7c36e9b921. They would show videos of the progress and testing phases (aquiring more pre-orders). I believe there were at least 3-4 Pre-order batches starting all the way back in Sept 2015 where they were still taking them up until 1 day before they closed. I was blocked on their social media as I expressed my disgruntled concerns to others. I then contacted them (which I had no problem with in the past). I heard nothing. After 5 days I tried again. Then I saw a Facebook page about a scam. I looked in to it and there was a review basically saying that they were junk earphones and didn’t work an that the company folded. I requested a refund as many other did with no response. Others requested, but were denied. I then get a notice email and a link to their site stating that they lost “backers”” and investers and closed shop. Nothing about refunds

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Address: or anything. Saying they could not produce the product. So 15 months later and I’m out $149 and no earphones. I aslo referred a friend through their program who also lost his money.”


Phone: 760 Bryant St San Fransisco, California USA

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