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Rude Staff

I have been working with Susan Kaplan and her firm Kaplan Financial Services for quite some time. They all know me. Recently, I had a very painful experience with her staff and that has prompted me to write this review. The experience was horrible and I had never encountered such terrible service from any place.

Whatís worse is that I sent a detailed email to the customer support of Kaplan Financial Services but I never got a response. As a client who has been working with Susan and her staff for quite some time, it was very disappointing to get such treatment. I had never expected the people at Kaplan Financial Services to treat a client like this. It just made me wonder that if they can treat me like this, they must be treating their other clients like this, which is quite a horrible thing actually. You canít treat your clients horribly and expect them to stay silent. There are plenty of service providers in the finance industry and I could have gone to anyone but I chose to work with those guys. And they have chosen to disrespect me through their actions. It was very disheartening. 

I always thought that the client service of Kaplan Financial Services was subpar. They never were on the Ďexcellentí side of the spectrum. No, they were more on the ĎNot Badí side of that spectrum. But I had never faced any issues with their service so I never had to complain about anything. I wouldnít go into the details of what exactly transpired between me and certain staff members of Kaplan Financial Services here because I donít want to repeat myself again. Moreover, I want to save my privacy.

Sharing those details would expose my details and I donít want to do that. The reason why I chose to post my complaint on this platform is because it allows me to do so with anonymity. I donít have to share my personal details to add a review here. All you need to know is that one of their staff members talked very disrespectfully with me and used a very harsh tone. It was very shocking for me. At that time, I didnít say anything to that person nor did I think of complaining about it. However, I thought I must point out the event to Susan at least as itís not good for a financial advisory firm to treat a client with so much disrespect. Itís unprofessional and certainly not okay by any standards. 

But to my surprise, I didnít receive any response for my email. When I talked to her staff later, it seemed as if my complaint had no effect on anyone. That particular staff member used the same harsh tone they had used before. It felt as if Susan and her staff didnít care about my complaint at all. I was surprised and disappointed. The least they could have done is tell that staff member to work on their behaviour and tone. Itís not okay for any financial firm to have such rude and selfish staff members. But itís clear to me that Susan and her staff at Kaplan Financial Services only care about themselves.

The way Kaplan Financial Services handles its clientsí complaints is very disappointing. They donít address their clientsí complaints at all. In my opinion, itís very disrespectful and insulting. 

Do I Recommend Kaplan Financial Services? No!

The title says it all. I donít recommend doing business with this financial advisory firm. Itís clear to me that everyone at this firm is pretentious and selfish. They pretend to care about you but they donít actually. Those people only care about their paychecks and themselves. If you really want to hire a financial advisory firm, you should look someplace else. These people will only disappoint you. 

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