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I bought a 2012 Hyundai Elantra from Karz Plus on 6/26/16, for my son(s) because they are going to College. On 8/15/16, the car stopped running. I had bought an extended warranty from them (for $995.00) and they never even turned the warranty into the extended warranty company (which is called 1st Extended Service (800) 527-3426). So, the first issue was that in over 30 days- my extended warranty was “never even registered.” (I think they were trying to keep my money). | Then, after 3 days of waiting for the warranty to register in their system, 1st Extended Service (a product that Karz Plus sells) tells me that if I live within 40 miles, that I have to “go back to the dealership” and use “their mechanic.” “Their” mechanic is Alex. So, I call Kars Plus mechanic Alex, and the mechanic will not even look at my vehicle and tells me “it is an electrical issue”- yet he has never laid eyes on my car, nor has he inspected it. When I call Karz Plus and ask to speak to a manager- I get hung up on. | My car has been on the side of the road for FIVE days now (today is 8/23/16) and I cannot get either the car dealership, nor 1st extended warranty company to help me. | When I call Karz Plus, they refer me to 1st extended warranty company. When I call 1st warranty company- they refer me to Karz plus. | There is a SCAM going on here! | So, the warranty cannot be used and they took $995.00 from me- and my car is on the side of the road. | Basically- $995.00 has been scammed out of me and NO services are being rendered. | And, if you call their “warranty” company called “1st extended Warranty,” be prepared for a 20-40 minute hold- just to be hung up on when you ask for the contract number for your non-existent warranty. | They could care less. HORRIBLE customer service, horrible treatment.

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