Kathleen Bailey Columbia, Missouri Missouri


Kathleen”Kathy” Bailey and my ex-boyfriend met at a local gym in Columbia, MO. They began having an”emotional” affair, per my ex, the Liar, at the end of February. I confronted him and her about their affair in March. The COWARDS both lied. My ex told me”My God- She is old. She is 10 years older than I am. She only needed help with her computer so I helped her”. Like an idiot I chose to give them the benefit of doubt. I know- totally gullible. I then found the attached picture – I call it”Toad On A Log” – in May. I then kicked him out and he moved in with his Mom- yes his Mom- he is 46 years old – living with his momma. I then let him move back in because he said he wanted to work on our relationship; he was going to end it with her. I asked him if they were still in contact . He would get very angry and deny deny deny. I knew they were still in contact. I just needed the final proof so I could finally be done. || On Sunday August 17, 2014 while doing laundry I found a recipe for Pizza with his last name as the person who called it in with her phone number. BUSTED. I put an exparte on him because in the past when I would question him, he would become very aggressive, yelling about how he is not seeing her and blah blah blah. He has pushed me and shoved me and tried to use his size to intimidate me- which he vehemently denies – whatever- just like he insists it is my fault they had their affair. I knew if he came home from work the next morning all hell was going to break loose due to the fact his ass was going to be out because I finally had proof they lied. The funny thing is, a couple days later, after I dropped the exparte because I just wanted him and his crap out once and for all, he told me he was going to break it off with her for good – the next day after I found the receipt- because he still loves me and knows I still love him- yeah- like I love love love a man with morals of a snake. And those morals continue. He told me he knows he can change and be the man he used to be. Well he is still seeing the old Toad On A Log or as I fondly refer to her Wrinkled C#$% [email protected]%. || I hope they are happy because they totally deserve each other – oh – did I mention she is married and is now going through a divorce- her husband caught them together half dressed at a local gun range. Hummmm she’s a great catch and so is he. She is so special she got her very own cheater phone! He is a narcissistic sociopath. She is just a whore with a wrinkled c&%$.

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