Kathryn Nicole Ramsey – makes fake accounts, and looks for married men on Facebook to breakup marriages California


About a year ago this women who claims her name is Kathryn Nicole Ramsey, her name might be Debra though, sent my husband a friend request, and instantly sent him a message on messenger telling him his friend that she was friends with also on Facebook saying my husband’s friend saved her life she was so depressed because her boyfriend broke up with her, my husband told me some weirdo messaged him, I told him to block her, because it was trouble, a month later I was on Facebook on my husband’s birthday, and she wished him a happy birthday on his timeline, I asked him why did you not block her like I said, and he said he blocked her on messenger and not on Facebook, eight months go by, and my husband left his phone home when he went to work, and I noticed somebody messaged him, and it was this person sending him photos, and saying to him everyone needs love, I called her and said stay away from my husband, she called me names and hung up, emediatly she started sending messages to his phone saying why does your wife have your phone, and also said you lied to me, and broke my heart, I called him and asked him why in the hell does he keep lying to me, he said he was done talking with this person, so 3 months go by, and I caught him again, same thing happened, he said he was done talking to her, but I’m pretty positive he’s not, this women he has never met, does not even know if her account is real, he told me she lies all the time, I think she’s a very mentally unstable person looking for attention, beware I’m sure there’s many men out there who she also talks to, and feeds them lies, I think she finds it fun and satisfying to breakup marriages and homes, I have a feeling her account is fake, her photos look extremely photoshoppedd.

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